Mbed studio with Infineon XMC4500 relax kit

Hi there,
I follow the instruction to install the Mbed Studio and Mbed CLI, all the steps go well. And then I imported a Blinky example of XMC4500 relax kit to the Mbed Studio, it came out some errors when I compile the program.

How can I handle this?
Thanks in advance.


I’m a bit confused because, AFAIK, Mbed OS doesn’t officially support any XMC family microcontrollers. Are you using a 3rd party branch of Mbed?

I found this post on the forum:

Ah yes, I remember this. Unfortunately this is a community patch on top of Mbed, and was never really set up to work or tested with Mbed Studio (it came out years before Mbed Studio even existed!). I don’t think I can really help with this as it’s hard to know what might be causing issues in that older codebase.

Perhaps a good starting point would be to copy/cherry pick the files under the mbed-os/targets/TARGET_Infineon folder of that fork, plus the changes to targets/targets.json, into a fresh clone of Mbed OS 6? You may get away with that as the HAL stuff has not changed much at all in the last few years, AFAIK.

If you are interested in working on this, let me know, as we’d love to see XMC support merged to Mbed OS CE!