NuMaker IoT M487 FOTA porting

Hi everyone,

I am working with NuMaker IoT M487 developing kit and Mbed OS 6.

I would like to port NuMaker AWS IoT CSDK OTA example into my current project which is extended from NuMaker AWS IoT example.

But I found that these two projects are using two different libraries even though they have many identical actions such as connect, publish and subscribe.

In my understanding, NuMaker AWS IoT example uses the “MQTT” library, and NuMaker AWS IoT CSDK OTA example uses the “mbed-client-for-aws” library.

During porting, I got problems like how to use these two libraries together? Is there a more convenient way to let my current project have a FOTA feature?

If any experience or suggestion, I will really appreciate it

This is rather a problem of the Nuvoton libraries isn’t it? I would recommend using neither of them and rather building on more modern components, such as the latest coreMQTT and ota-for-aws-iot-embedded-sdk libraries from AWS. The latest version of mbed-client-for-aws uses coreMQTT, so you can start from there.


Hi @boraozgen ,

Thank you for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply!

As both a Mbed newbie and an AWS newbie, I am always confused with the relationship and pros and cons of these libraries and SDKs.
Like the SDK from AWS, mbed-client-for-aws from Mbed and mbed-client-for-aws from OpenNuvoton.
Could you share some experience or reference about this?

Furthermore, if it is possible, could you share the reason why you think the more modern components would be better solution?