Nordic MCUs | NFC Tag Emulation Support

mbed os uses most of the sources provided by Nordic in their SDK. However the libraries regarding the integrated NFC stack are not used. So I was wondering, if I there are plans regarding their integration, or what might hinder their integration.

Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has already accomplished using NFC on the nRF52x-series in conjunction with mbed os.

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I’m looking at the same. I see there was no response here to the post.

I did some digging around and I see within the Mbed OS documentation there is a porting guide to help with this sort of thing, as the current NFC EEPROM library is aimed at the ST M24SR type-4 tags:

However, I note that the Nordic nRF5 SDK uses a precompiled (*.a) nRF NFC library for type 2 (nfc_t2t_lib_gcc.a) and type 4 (nfc_t4t_lib_gcc.a) tags for the gcc compiler.

As this is not something I have done before with mbed, I was wondering how to include (link) these files in an Mbed project.

Can this be done within Mbed Studio for example.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.


This topic is also of interest. Thanks for the answer

Hi @duckduck, @gerriko and @harmonmonic .

There is no plan from the Mbed OS team to add support of NFC on Nordic targets. However, we’re open to pull requests from the community. As mentioned by @gerriko There is a porting guide for NFC EEPROM that is a good starting point.