Nordic52840DK Use Mbed_IDE

When 52840-DK compiles with MbedIDE, it will generate the message in the lower left corner of the screen. The DapLink pre-program is installed. If you drag the compilation file to DAP_Link hard disk, it can be burned. Trouble experienced people to help ans

Hi Jeff,

Would you be able to describe please what the exact issue you’re having is? Is there a particular error code? If the binary file fails to program with the drag and drop interface you will usually find a file on the DAPLINK drive named FAIL.txt. If so, could you copy and paste the contents?


My problem is that using online compilation, there will be an error message last time, and no compilation file has been generated!
But I downloaded the sample file from the official website and dragged it into DAPLINK to burn it! Thank you!

The above is the content of the file in DAPLINK!

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