Nucleo F303 with Labview

Hello, I try to control a NUCLEO F303 Board by Labview. But it don’t works.
I downloaded the VI’s from the MBED cookbook-site and copied them into the Labview user.lib directory.
Then I started the Flash-Demo, but I get an ERROR (-1073807339) after the Digital-Write VI.
Need’s the NUCLEO F303 a special software ?

Best regards
Jürgen Wilk


I am sure you need driver for ST-link (VCP included). Also if you want to control your board directly from LabView you need upload a specific program into. I know nothing about LabView, but according to Interfacing with LabVIEW - Cookbook | Mbed you have to use RPC library.

Keep in mind this Cookbook, libraries and examples are very old.

BR, Jan