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Option to choose OS version to be downloaded when creating a new program

As we all should know by now, not all hardware is compatible with the latest Mbed OS and that not all hardware drivers can be up dated to be compatible. There are just too many vendors and so many different types of boards that it is near impossible to expect this uniformity or expect that all vendors can co-ordinate to ensure all hardware is made up to date at the same time.

So why isit that Mbed Studio is designed to expect this uniformity.

When I select a board and then when I choose to create a new program I am not given this choice. I have to accept the latest OS version will be used and then go to the trouble manually amending or manually downloading a different OS version first so as to manually select the folder. Surely, when creating a new program Mbed Studio is extracting files from a repository, so it should be possible for the IDE to extract the OS files from the OS folder of choice.

As such I am making a request for this feature to be added.

Many ways to crack a nut!
Add too many features and it’s like navigating syrup.

I use different OS versions in my Studio but only one instance of each.
I ‘share’ them across my programs.
That way when you update your ‘master’ OS library it does it for all your programs that share it.
Just make a note of which project has the ‘master’ OS library.

When you make a new program you are given that option and you can change it at any time.

This is true, but for the new or novice user starting to use Mbed Studio for first time they may not know where to get the older OS versions. They will probably just assume that it will work out of the box, which unfortunately will not be the case for some boards. Hence bad feeling and time wasting involved searching on how to do it or fix the problem. So, in my opinion, this is worth doing as it can be very readily solved through a software mod to Mbed Studio which ultimately benefits the adoption of Mbed OS. I’ve just switched to a different laptop and find the manual porting of older Mbed OS’s onto my laptop needlessly laborious.

@gerriko I started with the original Mbed LPC1768 (circa 2010) and the online compiler, that was it, nothing else and not open source.
Mbed now has On-line Classic, On-line Studio, off line Studio and CLI with open source libraries.

Back to your topic, Mbed-OS2 is just about hanging in there for now using the On-line Classic compiler.
When OS2 drops off, the smaller targets will be unusable on MBED even if you use Bare Metal.
There are only a few revision’s of OS2 that can still build for these.
So perhaps we should move forward and use targets with greater resources on OS6.

Best practice is to look at the platforms page, find a platform that suits your needs and is OS6 compliant and and use that.

All other platforms will drop off due to manufacture EOL in any case.
There are some depreciated platforms already including one I and a couple others did a few years back:

But we move on and this particular platform does have its limitations.

Mbed could use a better beginners guide though.