MBed Studio update mbed os automatically

I have installed MBed Studio 1.4.5, but the problem was also at older version. The problem is: I have several projects with mbed-os 5.10.4. I copy the source into the project folder, fit the entry of the mbed-os.lib file, start MBed Studio, select the project and start compile. What ever I do, MBed Studio update the mbed-os to the newest version of OS-5, to mbed-os 5.15.7. With this, my program does not work. I can compile in Keil Studio with mbed-os 5.10.4 and my program works. The main reason why I do this since a longer time is the use of the RTC. I need to set: static bool rtc_time_set = true; in the file rtc_api.c in Freescale MCUExpresso_MCUS. If I leave it to false, my clock always will set to the start value after power off/power on.


I never faced this, but is true I usually use latest or close to latest.
Maybe try to reproduce it with a higher version of MbedOS. MbedOS 5.10 is not good example becasue it is not supported by Mbed Studio (writen here) and that could be easy answer, however when this will occur also with version higher than 5.12…

BR, Jan

Dear Jan,
thank’s for your reply. It’s sad for me, that os 5.10.4 will not supported from MBed Studio. We use mbed now since for about 10 years, may be, we started with the beginning. We still have a project running under OS 2 on a LPC 1768. With an FRDM-K64 we switched to OS 5. We worked for a longer time very uncomplicated. But with higher os versions, we lost some I/O lines from the FRDM-K64, like PTC16 and PTC17. Under os 5.10.4 we used a work around by reinitializing PTC16 and 17 in local functions by defining them as an output. With higher os-versions we did not get them back and there where always other functions, that no longer work proper. So we freeze at this version. With activating a FRDM-K66, we switched to os 6, but the Ethernet functions where more complicate from my point of view and after disconnecting (close an application) and connecting again, it need much longer time than under os 5. With all the problems, that appear with the cancel of the mbed online compiler, we decide to switch to TeenSy controller. With this, we are also not indenpendet but the local setup under Visual Studio with the PlatformIO Plugin work better than MBed Studio or Keil Studio online.
BR Kevman.

I use only ST targets so I do no have any experinces with Freescale targets.

But with higher os versions, we lost some I/O lines from the FRDM-K64, like PTC16 and PTC17.

What do you mean with that? I see these both pins are dedicated for default console (printf function).

I personally use Mbed-CE for new projects, because MbedOS development is on hold for more than year. It has different cmake build system and start up is very easy (VS code with GCC) - Home · mbed-ce/mbed-os Wiki (github.com), of course it is still MbedOS 6, but with few different things and few new targets (TeenSy 4 included) and it is more flexible for fixes especially when people want help not just pointing.

BR, Jan

But the marked Pins behind the link you have send are PTB16 and PTB17 and not PTC… as I said. PTC16 and PTC17 are in the Arduino header. However, at older os-versions, they where available, at higher not. I did not find a comment, why they are suddenly no longer available. By the way, I will follow your suggestion with Mbed-CE and VS code. May be, we can work with this easier and more flexible in the future.
BR, Kevman

Yes, apologize, you are right I was blind and made link to wrong pins, these are right.
I wanted point to it is strange because according to PinNames.h they are still available on same pin masks and only in MbedOs6 were Arduino Masks renamed.

About this, do not be hesitate to ask about everything in Mbed-ce · Discussions · GitHub

BR, Jan