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Portenta support in MBED CLI

My understanding is that the Arduino Portenta H7 is based on mbed OS. I’d like to know if mbed CLI can currently target the Portenta board, or if not, how far away that support might be.

I have a couple mbed-compatible ST boards with the STM32H747 that I can start working on, but the Portenta is where I would want to move to for the actual gadget.

Hi Rob, I seem to have the same question. Wonder how to use mbedOS on a arduino portenta. Did you get any further?

Thanks in advance


No, I tabled the Portentas for the time being, using baremetal C on a Nucleo H745 board presently. Will circle back when things seem more solid.


I have no experience with these things, but from my understanding the Portenta is not, and probably will never be officially supported in the Mbed OS. Until the owner/creator of the Portenta not connect to Mbed project, as a Board Partner.

But because it is based on STM32H7 chip, it is probably possible to use it on the Mbed as a Custom target, what can inherit from the DISCO-H747I.
I think, similar way is used on the Arduino side and maybe it can be used as a pattern for add.
Another question are Portenta’s peripherals, and driver for them.

BR, Jan

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE uses Mbed and an Arduino compatibility layer. Maybe the Portenta does the same.

Please check

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