Preferences file is corrupted

I’m using Mbed Studio 1.2.1 in macos Catalina. When I unplugged NUCLEO-32 board, kernel panic is occured.

I tried to “New Program” and I got a error message “Failed to update the value of libraryManagement.defaultSharedMbedOSPath. Please check if user_storage:settings.json is corrupted.”

So I look up my preferences (File - Settings - Open Preferences).
My preference file is corrupted like the following.

#define LED_ON 1  ///< GFX color of lit LED segments (single-color displays)
#define LED_OFF 0 ///< GFX color of unlit LED segments (single-color displays)

#define LED_RED 1    ///< GFX color for red LED segments (bi-color displays)
#define LED_YELLOW 2 ///< GFX color for yellow LED segments (bi-color displays)
#define LED_GREEN 3  ///< GFX color for green LED segments (bi-color displays)

#define HT16K33_BLINK_CMD 0x80       ///< I2C register for BLINK setting
#define HT16K33_BLINK_DISPLAYON 0x01 ///< I2C value for steady on
#define HT16K33_BLINK_OFF 0          ///< I2C value for steady off
#define HT16K33_BLINK_2HZ 1          ///< I2C value for 2 Hz blink
#define HT16K33_BLINK_1HZ 2          ///< I2C value for 1 Hz blink
#define HT16K33_BLINK_HALFHZ 3       ///< I2C value for 0.5 Hz blink

#define HT16K33_CMD_BRIGHTNESS 0xE0 ///< I2C register for BRIGHTNESS setting

#define SEVENSEG_DIGITS 5 ///< # Digits in 7-seg displays, plus NUL en

I cannot select any category in preferences.

I removed Mbed Studio and reinstall. but preference file is still corrupted.

I removed Application and Application Support in Library.

Where can I find out preference file in macos and how can I recover that file?


Hi @cloudshell,

Thank you for reporting it. Preferences are stored in: ~/.theia/settings.json. I recommend removing ~/.theia folder. It will be recreated on Studio restart. Please keep in mind that it will delete all your user preferences and you will have to set them again. We will investigate it further.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

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