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Reduce the working frequency of the processor

Hello everyone,

I need to reduce to frequency of the processor board nucleo L432KC. Can you help me ?

Best regards,

Hello Saidane,

I would suggest to build a test NUCLEO-L432KC project with the STM32Cube IDE. Set your desired processor frequency using the Clock Configuration GUI tool and let the IDE to generate the files. Then open the main.c and copy the related code to the begin of the main() function in your Mbed’s main.cpp file. Make sure you create the instances of your Mbed API classes after that point (this ensures they use the new processor frequency and not the one set by Mbed before calling the main() function). If you need global objects then declare global pointers and build the instances dynamically (with the new operator) in the main() function. For an example have a look at here . In this case the confSysClock() function calls a code generated by the STM32Cube IDE GUI tool.

Best regards, Zoltan