Keil studio problems faced ı below


I have project in mbed online compiler all thinks work fine in online compiler.I’m trying to migrate my project to keil studio because without removing the online compiler to avoid any issues.

I am facing a lot of problems
I list the problems I encountered below;
1-) Usb can’t recognize to my device.
2-)strlen() can’t use
3-)rd_sock can’t use
4-)td_sock can’t use

I hope the mbed online compiler stays with us a little longer.

Hi @Taha_Mermer,

Thank you for your post. Would you mind providing more information. It will help us improve Keil Studio.

  1. What device are you using? Maybe it just needs a firmware update? Keil Studio doesn’t support remote deploy and debug yet on all devices. We are however increasing the number of supported boards quite regularly.
    2,3,4. They work as the program can be compiled. I however see that intellisense indeed complains that they can’t be found. Let us take a look at that.

Arek - Studio team


If you think your device might need a firmware update, go to Documentation – Arm Developer to find out what to do.

I’m using NUCLEO-F429ZI, when ı was updated the firmware USB recognition problems solved , thanks for that.
But I have still issues.
1-)strlen() can’t use
2-)rd_sock can’t use
3-)td_sock can’t use
still issue for me.
I can share a snippet of the code.

I do not know from where are points 2 and 3, but point 1 is know issue and was already reported few times (don’t ask me why it got resolved). However it is only an intellisense issue, compilation and your program will not affected, you can ignore that.

From Keil Studio’s release note:

Version 1.5.21
C++ language support fixed for some standard library functions in Mbed projects.

BR, Jan