Revert to older version of Keil Studio Cloud

Is there any way to do this?

Hi @tjj,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use previous versions of KSC. If this is related to your other query keil-studio-no-longer-working-whats-changed, then, please know we are looking into it and will fix the issue ASAP.

Otherwise, could you please let us know the reason for wishing to use an older version?

Kind regards,
Aleksandra - Studio team

Yes, this request is related to my previous request. I was trying to do some trouble shooting. Last item left was to revert to an older version.


FYI - I have tried the following to make sure this is not something on my end.
Re-run previous working projects - failed
Created new projects - failed
Used the drag-n-drop approach - works (HW, code = good)
Changed boards - failed
Updated both HW drivers and windows drivers - even though they were up to date - failed
Run using ST’s Cube IDE - works (HW, code = good)

Thankyou for looking into this!

This appears to be resolved - working now.

Thanks for the support!

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Hello @tjj,

The problem you were encountering very likely was an intermittent issue to do with your application making use of low power modes and could still occur. The new version of KSC (1.5.49) contains a fix that should mitigate this from happening.

Kind regards,

Aleksandra - Studio team