Simple Neural Network on MCUs (tutorial) I have Pico IMX7 D with android things


Can I do this tutorial with my board Pico IMX7 (Kit prepared for android things)?


I will have to buy an official mbed card?

uTensor can run on just about anything that can compile C++ 11 code, but it works first and best with Mbed OS. As of today the best board I can recommend is the F413ZH from ST as it has both wifi and alot of RAM/ROM. (

Please note that uTensor does not work with the online compiler (As it requires C++11 and the online compiler is still at C99), so i recommend using GCC offline with mbed CLI to compile uTensor projects.

@mbedAustin Please one more: What Do you thing about this board:

and about price

Nope, not enough RAM / ROM and deffinantely no connectivity. The cool part of uTensor is being able to update the algorithms using the Pelion Update service.