So long, and thanks for all the fish

Hi All,

I just wanted to come back and make one final post, having been absent for best part of 5 years.

For me, the mbed journey started in 1999 before I worked at ARM, when I was trying to find a way to make the new wave of low cost flash-based microcontrollers available in schools and educational settings. The intention was to inspire the next generation of electronic and software engineers.

It wasnt until 2005 when I bought the concept into work, and teamed up with Simon Ford that the whole thing took off, and from them until 2020, it was the ride of my life.

I am so proud of this part of my career, as mbed changed various things in the industry, and went on to become the foundations of other platforms that we all know and love today.

I have sinced been moved on to new pastures, working on very different things, completely unrelated to anything to do with embedded software, microcontrollers, hardware, etc.

At this time of year I often look back at one fun project I published back in 2009 in a notebook page (are notebooks still a thing?). This summed up the essence of the original challenge. If you have an idea, mbed gives you the build block to make a rapid prototype.

In the time that passed since writing that notebook page, my son has grown up, I am indeed divorced (see article for relevence!), and mbed has peaked and faded, though it still serves it original purpose.

It took me a long time (measured in years) to make my peace with no longer being part of the mbed world, and now that I have no involvement in mbed, or embedded software or hardware, its time to acknowledge the fabulous journey it took me on, and finally close the door on that chapter of my life, all 21 years of it!.

To mbed, what it has become, and what it will be in the future, the users, the contributors, and all involved, I wish you all the very best for the future.

So long, and thanks for all the fish…


Hi @chris !

Thank you very much for the post and it was good to hear about your involvement and history for the Mbed.

BTW, my favorite blog post (in April…) was this :slight_smile:

And, thank you very much for your support in Japanese community too. The mbed-fest tour in Japan with Mbed team was very nice events and really good memory for me.



Thank you Chris for sharing.

The old notebooks like one you shared are good read, I go back to them from time to time when I search for some information I knew it’s up there somewhere or discussing older things I do not remember from top of my head.

I remember from time to time my one of the first Arm business travel with you to Asia :slight_smile:

Take care,

Thanks for the great story and the dedicated Mbed development. It would be also great to get some more of the story and some of the notebook pages.
And hopefully the story continuess, Mbed is still great.

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