Some bugs in the MbedStudio

Hi @arekzaluski and @JoeA,

I probably found some bugs in the MbedStudio

  • Serial Monitor (for more only SM) - When you connect a board, the SM window is correctly opened and is working but when you close it and reopen it or reconect the board (that will trigger auto reopen), the SM window is not cleaned and it is stucked - more messages are no longer received. Only quitting the MbedStudio will solve this problem.

  • MbedStudio window position - The MbedStudio probably save its last position when the MbedStudio is closed, but for some reason the position is saved only when the MbedStudio is not maximized. I found it because I use 2 PC Monitors.

  • MbedStudio and Nucleo-F767ZI - In this post from this January exist an information about an issue with the Debugging with the Nucleo in the MbedStudio.
    After more than 2 months no update, no solution.

    Also an another new issue is here because during load a program from MbedStudio to the board, the St-link one time flashes with orange color and after is flash of program complete, the LD4 of St-Link stay light with that orange color, deploy failed but the program run. That never occured with the online compiler on the same version of MbedOS(5.15.1) or with Nucleo-F429 on both tools.

Manual: LED is ORANGE: ST-LINK/V2 communication with the target has failed.

I use Windows10 Pro, full updated MbedStudio 0.9.1 and ST-link firmware (V2.J35.M26)

I apologize, my En is not so strong but I hope it is understandable.

BR, Jan

Hi Jan,

Thank you for reporting those bugs to us. We really appreciate it.

I can provide more information:

  • Serial Monitor - We are aware of this bug. To our knowledge reconnecting a board should not trigger this issue. It can, however, be easily reproduced when you close Serial Monitor panel manually. Unfortunately, it is a regression in Mbed Studio version 0.9.0. A fix for it is planned in an upcoming release.
  • MbedStudio window position - We were not aware of this issue. We will investigate it.
  • MbedStudio and Nucleo-F767ZI - Tools we are using in Mbed Studio do not support out of the box debugging for this board. We are however extending the list of boards that can be debugged by using Unfortunately, not all packs work correctly with our tools yet. You can find the list of supported boards here: . It is still possible for a board to be debuggable in Studio even if it is not on this list. We are also working on adding debug support to more boards.


Hi Arek,

Thank you for your fast response.

I apologize, I probably missed that migrate of supported targets to the Platforms tree.
I was confused because the Mbed Studio no longer show after the board is connected “that board is not supported” and the Debug button is active, which was not before.

BR, Jan