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Studio not show any problems but notification show failed

Hello all,
I’m a little bit new to Studio so sorry if there is some simple thing.
Problem is: I’m trying to compile mbed-os-example-filesystem and receiving message on top “Project build failed: Request build failed with message: Process failed with exit code 1
Where is the problems and what is wrong there? Problem window is empty. So where all faults is?
When restarting Studio some lines with faults appear in this window and immediately disappears. I can close this window, reopen - nothing there. Searched Google, Mbed forum - found nothing similar…

Hi Romas,

It is a very good question. You can find build output in Output tab. By default it should be available in the bottom panel (Problems tab should also be there by default). In case you closed it you can bring it back by going into: Menu->View->Output. Please take a look also into a dropdown on Output widget. Depending on context it provides different information.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Thank you,
Now I’m see current fault in output window. In this window I see all compiling output. Only after studio install I saw all faults in Problems window, now this window is empty. Is there possibility to see faults only in some place? Just in Output window there are so much information.



Ye, that is normal behavior from my experiences. These errors, what disappear, are usually show during loading of any project, and they will stay only if some settings or scripts fail (re-check, reload, restart is recommended).

Your link from above is not working. You mean this one probably - mbed-os-example-filesystem
I tried only import and compilation (for F429ZI). The Output window show the compilation was ok, but the Problems widow show mamy errors

No member named ‘__aeabi_errno_addr’ in namespace ‘std’ clang(no_member)

Probably a clang issue.

BR, Jan

Today Problems window again is not empty and I can see faults and warnings there. Anyway in future I will know where to find faults in case Problems window will bee empty again. Now left problems with mentioned example itself.
So thanks for help

I am new here,
recently I have run a program using mbed studio. However, the mbed studio always reminds me that [ERROR] ‘gbk’ codec can’t decode byte 0xab in position 19269: illegal multibyte sequence. And the code couldn’t run successfully.
I have no idea about the meaning of that warning. What is wrong with my program?
Thanks for answering my question!