Trouble with GUI library LittlevGL on STM32F407


We are having some trouble getting LittlevGL to work on mbed. We followed the following link:

Whenever we update certain area, we get an extra vertical line after the updated content. Underscored in attached image, after text 15. This line doesn’t show up when the screen is drawn for the first time.

The driver IC is ILI9341, and we connect the LCD to STM32F407 via SPI.

Could anyone offer some pointer how to troubleshoot?


Hello Zhiong Li,

When I tried to make a label on the first line and with same text like you have (also with a counter increment), all seems OK.
I have no idea, my problems were every time caused by wrong settings or badly set callbacks for LvGL.
Maybe some more information about your code and settings would be useful or post here a simplest version of your code where this issue occurs.

However, if you think your settings are ok. You can visit the LvGL forum and try to find same problem or try to ask about that issue.

But as I remmeber… Hello @JojoS if I remmember you use LvGL on same target and with same driver like Zhiong Li. Do you have any idea?

BR, Jan

I don‘t have this problem, maybe you can show the driver code?

Thanks for your quick reply. My teammate posted test code here:

I will invite him to post settings and other details.

According to github, it looks like the issue is gone, then good luck with your project :slight_smile:

BR, Jan

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