UDPSocket Problem

Hi I’m using a static ip UDP communication program.
As in this reference link
it is working on mbed online compiler but doesn’t work on keil studio cloud.
I’m getting these errors :

no matching constructor for initialization of ‘UDPSocket’
no member named ‘wait’ in ‘rtos::Thread’; did you mean ‘exit’?

What’s going wrong I don’t understand ? Can you help me ?


the main issue is, the information from that page are in the context to MbedOS 5.5.5 and how I remember the KeilStudio cloud supports Mbed 5.12 and above. Simply said it is obsolete.

According to your errors it seems like you use MbedOS6+ in your KeilStudio project.

BR, Jan

Thanks a lot Jan. I’m going to try, change mbed version for keil studio cloud.
This can be helpful.