Unable to upload program to Nucleo STM32F303RE - "Not enough space on NODE_F303RE"

Hi, I’m having issues uploading programs to a Nucleo STM32F303RE.

Both via Keil Studio -

Compiler output:

Preparing to run
Parse debug description…
Create system description…
Connect to debug unit (ST-Link)…
Configure debug unit (SWD @ 10000000 Hz)…
Create device map…
Connect (‘haltOnConnect’) to device STM32F303RETx…
ERROR: Caught Unknown Exception (RDDI-ERROR 13)
Disconnect from device…
Disconnect from debug unit…

or by drag & dropping the compiled program into the drive via windows explorer:

Error message:

There is not enough space on NODE_F303RE. You need an additional 24.0KB to copy these files.

Space free: 8.00KB
Total Size: 32.0KB

The only visible files in the NODE_F303RE drive are details.txt, fail.txt, and MBED.htm. (total 636 bytes)
The fail.txt reads:

The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU

I’m using the example blinky code, so it’s not a software issue. And I was happily compiling to this board before. So I’m not sure what’s changed.

I sucessfully updated the firmware to the most recent version.

I have a spare board which I can upload to without any issues, so It’s not the cable.

All the jumpers are positioned correctly as far as I can tell (although I have been switching back and forth between U5V power and E5V power during testing. so maybe something’s been shorted out or damaged?

We have also been compiling to this board with both ArduinoIDE, and Keil Studio. So maybe there’s been a build up of data on this device that hasn’t been removed properly?

Is there a way to reformat the memory completely to clear the space? or is there some other cause I’m missing?

Appreciate your help!


this error has nothing to do with any code what was deployed to target MCU. This error occurs when the debugger, St-Link in this case, can not measure the Vdd voltage of target MCU. Basically your MCU STM32F303RE is not properly powered. Re-check jumpers as first or try to measure 3V3 power line.

BR, Jan

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Ok, thanks. I’ll try and measure some pins and see what that turns out.