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Unexpected shortcut: [Ctrl] + [W]

I started using MBED Studio today and on overall I like it. Certainly more pleasant to use than the Cloud compiler, so thank you to the dev team!

My complaint: the [Ctrl] + [W] shortcut (hotkey) normally closes a tab in any application, but in MBED Studio it closes the entire application. I think I’ve accidentally closed it about 8 times in half an hour.

I would suggest to change its function to what’s conventional. I couldn’t find an option to change the hotkeys, if that’s not possible yet that would of course also be useful.

[Mbed Studio: 1.3.1, February 2020, Windows 10]

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the Studio team is currently revisiting default shortcuts. In the upcoming release (1.4.0) [ctrl] + [W] will be correctly assigned by default to close the tab in editor. Instead [ctrl] + [shift] + [W] will be used to close the main Studio window. That version will also contain support for:

  • Viewing all shortcuts (hotkeys)
  • Change shortcuts for a given command

Sneak peek into this feature:

Mbed Studio 1.4.0 is coming soon!

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Hi Arek,

Mbed Studio 1.4.0 is already here, but the issue is still not fixed. More than that, if you first change “Close Window” to something like [alt] + [F4] you can’t change “Close Tab” shortcut to [ctrl] + [W] in settings because keybinding currently collides. I figured out that it’s because in keymaps.json you have

    "command": "close.window",
    "keybinding": "alt+f4"
    "command": "-close.window",
    "keybinding": "ctrl+w"

and parser doesn’t allow using this shortcut for other actions

Hi @repoman,

What platform are you on? Windows/macOS/Linux? I’ll recheck on the same platform as you.

Arek - Studio team

I’m using Windows 10