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(System inconsistent) Shortcuts (macOS)


First of, thanks for mbed studio

Working on macOS 10.15.5

It’s partly a bit difficult to adapt to the shortcuts and controls of mbed studio because the expected and usual shortcuts do not work - this might not concern many shortcuts but most striking:

<command> + r : which is the standard shortcut for Find + Replace but in Mbed Studio actually reloads the webview container. If reloads are an exceptional error remedy, it should not use such a prominent standard shortcut.
<command> + ,: should open the preferences view, but doesn’t do anything
<command> + a: generally is a select all which generally works, but not in combination with the find/replace fields; when my cursor is in the search key and I hit the shortcut, all the code in the editor is selected which is really bad when you have the habit (from many other editors/IDEs) of hitting <command>+f followed by <command>+a and typing…

missing shortcuts:
<command>+w: close current tab
<command>+n: create a new file… (optional but a nice to have)
ex <command>+ <left/right>: go to left/right tab (instead of manually having to select the active tab…

that’s what I remember for the time being…

ps. I would post more topics or bug reports / feature requests, but as a new user I’m not allowed to for the next N hours…

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Hi Philip,
could you move this to the mbed-studio forum? It’s more likely to be seen by the correct team there.