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What to use instead of Yotta?

I wanted to build an updated version of microPython for the microbit. However, it says Yotta should be used. When trying to do so and trying to access the URL via GitHub it fails.
Yotta is deprecated and I wonder what can be done to make use of all the great builds depending on Yotta as an alternative?
Please feel free to move this topic, I wasn’t sure where it could be placed best.



AFAIK, the yotta is no longer maintained, but you can still download the source code from GutHub and install by pip command.

git clone


pip install yotta


Thanks for your answer. However, I have Yotta installed, but when I try to use yt build it asks me to get a permission/verification via a GitHub url and that leads to a broken page…
I wonder how to get around this.


@JonnyA any recommendation?

I have been asking for an official package manager for some time. Also in the Mbed OS New Features topic. You can find it here

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Hello, we’re still using yotta to build MicroPython for micro:bit V1, but we avoud using the registry. The at GitHub - bbcmicrobit/micropython: Port of MicroPython for the BBC micro:bit was recently updated to avoid any registry interactions.

Please make sure you’re using a recent version of yotta - older versions may try to authenticate even though it’s not necessary. @Macrum’s post above gives you ways to do that.

The crucial step for MicroPython is to do this:

yotta target bbc-microbit-classic-gcc-nosd@

This will ensure you are using the target from GitHub, not from the yotta registry.

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Thanks for your answers. Nevertheless, I still stuck at the same point. When doing this with exact the same url you provided, I do get the promt “You need to log in with Github to do this.” After copying the url I get a “Something went wrong. failed to fetch user profile” info.

I am not sure, but it’s worth a try…

$ git config --global "John Doe"
$ git config --global

Thanks for that idea, but it doesn’t work (for me). There is no difference in the result to the previous try.