What's the embed story with ARM mbed

Hey there, I am a Rust beginner and was considering using rust for a university project with the ARM mbed platform. I have the thread history and there are exactly 4 post with the newest one being 2 years ago. Is the information on those posts still relevant and if not can someone point me in the right direction??

I do both embedded Rust and Mbed. Are you trying to wrap MbedOS with Rust? Or did you mean you want to write firmware for Mbed enabled boards in Rust?


I successfully integrated some Rust crates into an Mbed application.
All you have to do is compile you crate as a static library, eg with this in your Cargo.toml:

crate-type = ["staticlib"]

This will make cargo build a .a file that you can copy into you mbed directory, along with a header file to use in your Mbed integration. This header can typically be generated by cbindgen.

I cannot find the threads you’re referring to on this forum. Would you mind sharing the threads’ link here ?

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Thanks i got this,…