Windows 10 parallel port device driver needed for remote relay control

I’m a retired ham radio hobbyist - 10 years ago I developed a computer controlled application to control a bank of relays for radio antenna selection and matching operations. The hobbyist developed parallel port drivers I used no longer works in the microsoft windows 10 environment and the original developer has given up support due to cumbersome microsoft restrictions on small developers.

This is the first forum that seemed to be a fit for my needs. My project is purely personal - nothing commercial about it. Am I in the right forum?
Thank you
Frank Brady

Hi Frank,
If you want to achieve that with making a software for ARM via C++ and the MbedOS, then yes, you are on correct place.

BR, Jan

Hi Frank,

The personal vs commercial aspect is not problem from what I’ve seen discussed on these forums so far :slight_smile:

You’ll have to describe your “hobbyist developed parallel port drivers” a bit more…

Is this some specialised hardware (possibly involving an ARM embedded controller of some kind running MBedOS) like @JohnnyK said below? If so then you’re in the right place.

My first interpretation of your subject heading was that you’re running a PC with a physical parallel port to which your relays are connected and your question is about software drivers for that (old!!) port under Win10 (not old!! & a little confusing in the same sentence) in which case this forum probably isn’t the best place to ask.

That said, if this latter is what you are really looking for, I’ve had to do this in the dim, dark past. Google ‘inpout’ (or similar). It’s usually in the form of a DLL that gives permission to the software (drivers in your case) to directly access the necessary hardware registers to the parallel port (and physical serial port(s) too).