Yotta cannot output *.bin file

Hi all,
I got a error outcome when execute “yotta build” command, it can not create *.bin file.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

and I got another question when I execute “yotta target frdm-k64f-gcc” command, it printout 2 warning messages:
“warning: blinky has invalid module.jsdn:”
" description value u’ ’ us too short"

Could these warning message cause the *.bin file create fail?


Please make sure your target descriptions are up to date (check the output of yotta target), which should show:

frdm-k64f-gcc 0.2.0
mbed-gcc 0.1.3

(the frdm-k64f-gcc target inherits from the mbed-gcc target: it is the mbed-gcc target that actually generates the .bin file in ./build/frdm-k64f-gcc/source/*)

If these are old you can use yotta update to update them.

The warning message won’t prevent any commands from succeeding (but you should add a better description to your project :wink:

Hi James,
I’ve changed the target which version is 0.2.0, but the output bin file still not created.

the compiling message as follows:

GCC version is: 4.9.3 – Configuring done – Generating done – Build files have been written to: C:/mbed_project/blinky2/build/frdm-k64f-gcc [119/129] Building C object ym/mbed-ha…lities/src/fsl_os_abstraction_mbed.c.o In file included from C:/mbed_project/blinky2/yotta_modules/mbed-hal-ksdk-mcu/source/TARGET_KSDK_CODE/utilities/src/fsl_os_abstraction_mbed.c:19:0: C:/mbed_project/blinky2/yotta_modules/mbed-drivers/mbed/wait_api.h:19:2: warning : #warning mbed/wait_api.h is deprecated. Please use mbed-drivers/wait_api.h instead. [-Wcpp] #warning mbed/wait_api.h is deprecated. Please use mbed-drivers/wait_api.h instead. ^
[129/129] Linking CXX static library source/blinky2.a

I don’t understand which step was wrong to cause these situations, my OS system is Win8.1,local language is tranditional chinese, and uses permission of administrator to edit & compiler

Ah, that log explains what’s happening.

Your module is a library, rather than an executable module. If you re-run yotta init, and be sure to answer “yes” to the “is this an executable” question, and re-build, you should get a runnable binary!

Hi James,

Thanks for your useful tip to solve this issue, I’ve created the bin file successfully!

Thanks a lot~!!