A question about import mbedOS projects to Keil MDK[Fixed]

When I import a mbedOS project to Keil MDK, after Yotta2MDK ,and build in the keil IDE .

some errors appered :

Build Project ‘mbed-hal-k64f’ - Target ‘MK64FN1M Flash’
.\Output\mbed-hal-k64f\mbed-hal-k64f.axf: error: L6002U: Could not open file .\Output\mbed-drivers\mbed-drivers.lib: No such file or directory
Finished: 0 information, 0 warning, 0 error and 1 fatal error messages.
“.\Output\mbed-hal-k64f\mbed-hal-k64f.axf” - 1 Error(s), 0 Warning(s).
Target not created.
Build Time Elapsed: 00:00:01

where is the mbed-drivers.lib ? how can I make it ?

waiting for ideas!!!

Hello Dennis,
does the project successfully build on yotta? Can you provide the yotta target xxx command you used to set up the build environment?


BTW: It is pretty import that you open the generated Multiproject Workspace and Batch build all the projects in it.

The project successfully built on Yotta.
the Yotta target command is :

Yotta2MDK E:\yottapath\k64farmcc frdm-k64f-armcc E:\keilpath\keilproject

after that , there is a keil project generated in folder E:\keilpath\keilproject
include “k64farmcc.uvmpw”.

the yotta commands list is :

yt init
yt target frdm-k64f-armcc
yotta install mbed-drivers
---------------------- the /source/app.cpp is blinky demo
yt build

then , I can find the .bin&.hex files in \build\frdm-k64f-armcc\source path.
so ,I think the project built successfully on Yotta .

mixed compile options can’t support the C++11. We found the reason .
I am waiting for new tools .

thanks Matthias!

Hi Matthias.

I used your amazing tool some time ago and it worked a treat.

Recently I had the chanche to use it once more but it seems out of sync with yotta generated folder structure and or with yotta modules. Other than setting --cpp11 option it looks like several files miss, and merging yotta provided ones into uvision project folder causes several other linker problems (specifically unresolved mem alloc functions).

Are you going to publish an updated version of your tool?


Hi dennis 77.
Can you tell me where to dowload the Yotta2MDK_Setup.exe?
Thank you very much.

I have no idea where it can currently be downloaded, but I had the file on my hard drive. Re-uploaded here: yotta2mdk_Setup.exe.