"Yotta target" reports "frdm-k64f-gcc,* missing"

I’m attempting to complete “Your first application” guide"

In step 3,
executing `

"yotta target" 


warning: blinky has invalid module.json:
warning:   homepage value u'None' does not match u'^(https?://).*$'
frdm-k64f-gcc,* missing

A similar error is returned when my target is set to “x86-linux-native”

Running Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 64-bit


it’s alright. Choosing the target (yotta target) does not download the target (so the note below in that step about the target has been downloaded does not seem to be correct). You don’t see any yotta_targets folder there, correct? Proceed to the next step.

Once you execute build command, the target files will be downloaded.