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Yotta in the Docker (Windows)

(Hokins Liu) #1

Hi, recently I try to use docker to build a simple project in windows, because the docker tool is running under Virtual machine system, so there come a question about account login.

If I use the yotta tool in windows directly, it will create a browser of login page after key in “yt login” command.

But now I use yotta with docker in VM, it just show the login link and waiting for login process but I can not type my account anywhere, and i try to key in the link to login, but yotta can not receive log in success message in VM.

Is anyone known how to solve this question in the docker under the VM?


(Rob Moran) #2

Hi there,

You need to copy and paste the login URL into your browser to login online, yotta should then recognise you have successfully logged in.

Please ensure you have downloaded the latest yocker script as it now persists your login credentials meaning you don’t have to keep logging in.


Kind regards,