Start a new project and get failure

Hi all,

I started new project for another application, first step I upgrade the yotta tool & install mbed-drivers by “yt install” command.

but in few seconds later, the command window get error information like that:
“error: mbed-drivers does not meet specification ~0.12.0 required by core-util”

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


I got the reason of issues, cause wuth the file name was using *.c file


We’re aware of the issue, expect a fix out today. For now in your yotta.config, specify “mbed-drivers”: “~0.12.0” to force 0.12.x.

@Hokins, the mbed-drivers version was updated, but not reflected in core util. The app is build , it’s yotta error to notify there is a problem in the module dependencies. With the latest change, it should not affect the executable, therefore do what jan suggested above or just continue using it as it is, and update dependencies once the pull request below is resolved (merged or new proposal accepted).

Pull request:

Thanks for reporting.

@Kojto, got it, thanks.

besides, the release note of library of mbed os will be updated too?