Announcing the release of Mbed TLS 2.13.0, 2.7.6 and 2.1.15

We’re pleased to announce the release of Mbed TLS 2.13.0, 2.7.6 and 2.1.15.

Mbed TLS 2.13.0 introduces several new features improving our support for DTLS over low-bandwidth, high latency networks with high packet loss. Specifically:

  • Support for fragmentation of outgoing handshake messages, allowing the use of Mbed TLS across networks with datagram links with MTUs as low as 512 bytes, making it suitable for NB-IOT networks.
  • Grouping outgoing handshake messages in a single datagram, reducing both the network load and the likelihood of reordering effects.
  • Reordering handshake packets that have been received out of order, reducing the number of retransmissions necessary to complete a handshake, and therefore increasing handshake efficiency and reducing network load.

This release also addresses one security issue and resolves multiple defects.

Full details are available in the release notes which you can find here .

The source code is available as tar balls under Apache and GPL licences as usual, as well as on GitHub here .

On behalf of the Mbed TLS Team

Simon Butcher