Broken Directories with

I am having issues with the mbed client. I have installed yotta and all its dependencies on my Windows 8 64 bit system. I have compiled the mbed os “First Application” (aka blinky). So it seems to me that yotta (0.11.0) and its dependencies have installed properly. Now I want to work with the mbed client for a device I need to connect to the cloud. I have downloaded the and have extracted the folder into a location on my c drive. I then click on the “Run Yotta” shortcut on my desktop, navigate to the mbed-client folder (where I unzipped the files to) and type python

As this run I get three similar warnings all indicating I have broken directories:

warning: C:\mbed\mbed-client\libraries\mbed-client\yotta_modules\mbed-client-mbed-os -> c:\yotta\workspace\Lib\yotta_modules\mbed-client\mbed-os -> broken

I navigate to the folders that are indicated as missing and sure enough they are missing. I followed the steps to the yotta install as explained on the website and in the video in one of the forum topics. Why are these folders missing? How can I get these directories and their files installed on my computer?

Please let me know if you need any more information. Thank you.


Is there any information on this issue? Has anyone run into a similar issue. I have been able to build the mbed-client-c but I am worried something might be broken since these folders weren’t linked properly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Currently the zip package is only for Linux platform and it contains only linux based example so this package is for Linux environment at the moment , hence it will not work on Windows. If you want to run the example on Windows try to clone this example from GitHub and instructions from README