Connect to mbed device connector with XBee S6B Wifi module


(Hokins Liu) #1

Hi all,

I tried to modify the mbed-client-quickstart example by using WiFi, I chose XBee S6B as my WiFi adapter, now I am confused in linking to mbed device connector.

In the XBee S6B module spec, if I want to send a UDP/TCP padload to another service/device, XBee S6B need to know the ip address of the service/device. In the mbed-client-quickstart example, it tried to connect to"coap://", does it have an ip address can be fill in the XBee S6B's ipv4 padload format?


(Yogesh Pande) #2

You can connect using IP address as well , in this format "coap://"
That will also work fine.
IPv4 address for Connector is


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