Connected hardware isn't listed even though it is detected

I’ve just begun using Mbed Studio (1.4.4) on Windows 10 64.
I can’t manage to get my hardware (Nucleo F411RE) to appear in the graphical interface.
The USB drivers and onboard STLink are updated to the latest.
It looks like it is detected:

c:\Users\Lorenzo\Mbed Programs\mbed-os-example-blinky-baremetal-5>mbed detect
[mbed] Working path "c:\Users\Lorenzo\Mbed Programs\mbed-os-example-blinky-baremetal-5" (program)

[mbed] Detected NUCLEO_F411RE, port COM10, mounted E:, interface version V2J40M27:  
[mbed] Supported toolchains for NUCLEO_F411RE
| Target        | mbed OS 2 | mbed OS 5 |    ARM    | uARM |  GCC_ARM  |    IAR    |
| NUCLEO_F411RE |     -     | Supported | Supported |  -   | Supported | Supported |
Supported targets: 1
Supported toolchains: 3

But in the interface no device appears:

What am I missing?

I solved it. The problem was the USB hub I use (Anker A7516). I connected the device directly to the motherboard and now it appears in the list.

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