Device manager does not see my NUCLEO-F401RE

Keil Studio Cloud IDE

Device manager does not see my NUCLEO-F401RE.
Where to look, what to look for.

Can you give me a hint, please?


this topic should be placed in section - Keil Studio - Arm Mbed OS support forum

With Device manager your probably mean device manager of KeilStudio, right?

BR, Jan

Hi Jan!
Thanks for the reply.
Updated the ST_Link.
Erased the chip.
Cube programer sees my STM32F401RE.
Keil Studio Cloud IDE sees only ST_Link.
I want to select NUCLEO-F401RE but I can’t find it anywhere.
Regards, Pavel.

And what happen when you choose this ST-link, then set Nucleo as target? Is the play button available? Can you make a printscreen of that part?

BR, Jan