Error on Nucleo F446RE "The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU"

Sorry for my post, I have read many previous posts but still cannot find the right answer.
I usually use the Mbed NXP LPC1768 for my project. But recently I have to use Nucleo F446RE for new project and get the error “The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU”
Then I borrow a F429ZI from my friend and do the same process on it. The F429ZI is work fine.
But it’s too big for my job.
So I really confuse what happens? Is the F446RE broke? Should I replace it or is there any solution?

Please feel free to share your experience.
Thank you guys in advance _ / \ _


when no advice helps then it is broken and as an alternative you can try to connect St-link from F429 board to F446 via some wires

BR, Jan

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Thank you so much. I’ll cut-off the St-link and use another St-link from the good one.
I’ll report the result again if it work.

You do not need to cut off the ST-link immediately for the test, I think. Just remove the two jumpers what are close to each other.

BR, Jan

I come across this problem as well, originally, when I am testing a circuit that I built previously, everything just going fine and the memory in the drive is 1M. when I dismentle the previous circuit and built a new circuit, the memory shown in the dirve is only 12k and by looking into the drive, there is a prompt saying the interface firmware failed to reset or halt the target MCU. Nucleo L476RG is used.
after checking the circuit and amend the problem, the board is well functioning again
if all the setting of the board and software are suitable. check the external circuit. the problem is very likely to occur in you external circuit

In some cases it helps to hold down the reset button when connecting to the board.