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How Connect Nucleo 411 Board to a JTAG Interface

(Juergen Rieger) #1

Hello …
I have an IAR IDE and I want connect the J-Link (JTAG Connector) to the Nucleo-F411RE Board. Can I do this?
If that is possible, is there a description of how to do that?
regards jurgen

(Jan Jongboom) #2

ST uses different pin layout on the NUCLEO boards for the debug interface, but you can convert the pins to fit JTAG header with a little soldering… See https://gnu-mcu-eclipse.github.io/developer/j-link-stm32-boards/

(Juergen Rieger) #3

In my case I only had a success after I:

  • I disconnected the ST-Link adapter from the NUCLEO board.
  • I made the following connection to the NUCLEO-Board:


Pin 15 (TCK) <–> Pin 9 (SWCLK / TCK)
Pin 20 (GND) <–> Pin 6 (GND)
Pin 13 (TMS) <–> Pin 7 (SWDIO / TMS)
Pin 14 (NRST) <–> Pin 15 (nRST)
Pin 16 3V3 <–> Pin 1 (VTref)


Pin 31 (SWO) <–> Pin 13 (SWO / TDO)

Regards Jurgen