Keil Studio Target Loading

Started using Keil Studio Online compiler.
Thanks to ARM for an easy development platform.

Lately when opening Keil Studio, it starts but Target Hardware box is stuck by displaying “Loading”.

Have tried deleting all projects and starting new mbed examples and even blank project but Target Hardware is stuck on “Loading”.

I am experimenting with Nucleo F767ZI, has worked at other certain times.

Hi, a couple of questions to help diagnose this issue:

  1. Did you have mbed-os hardware connected over USB while opening Keil Studio? If so, please try again with the device disconnected.
  2. Did mbed-os successfully import into your project? You can check this by opening the Mbed Libraries widget - there should be no errors reported. Also, check the mbed-os directory in the project. Does it look complete? In particular, check that the mbed-os/targets/targets.json file exists.

It seems very helpful. I will follow every step here.