Keyboard issue on MacBook Pro

Hi there,

I’m having a problem with MbedStudio 1.4.4 on my MacBook Pro 16 (see below). Issue is that I’m not able to use keyboard shortcuts as the Meta Key (command) is not recognized by MbedStudio. This is evident when try to configure the shortcuts because the Meta-Key isn’t recorded in the popup dialog for entering a new shortcut.

Greenshot 2022-10-28 08.55.24

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Hi Alexander,

I have carried out an investigation using Mbed Studio 1.4.4 on MacBook Pro. You are correct that there is a limitation with configuration of keyboard shortcuts. Simply pressing a modifier key in the Edit Keybinding popup dialog during configuration isn’t sufficient as it isn’t recognised.

You have to type the modifier key in this dialog.

For example, I can access the Edit Keybinding popup dialog for the “Documentation” command and type one of the following:

  • cmd+d
  • ctrl+d
  • meta+d

Once defined the new keyboard shortcut should work

Note: ensure that the shortcut you define contains no spaces