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As in this previous feedback from JohnnyK on the Mbed Studio Serial Monitor, I think that integrating into Mbed Studio is a very good idea but it misses some options to make it usable without constraints.

  • Enable/Disable auto open the serial monitor parameter.
    Enable by default if you want but please add the possibility to disable it.
    At least when you get the message box “Set device as active” when you plug an other Mbed and answer “No” then no auto open please.

  • An option for clear the window but i see it was already in project.

  • Changing the Baud Rate is a good thing but being able to change all the serial parameters (data bits, parity bit, stop bits) would be useful to be able to use the Serial Monitor of Mbed Studio.

  • Being able to enable a local echo on what you type in the terminal would be useful for debugging.

  • Being able to change the character sent for line feed.
    Why Enter touch send CR? By default normaly on Windows it’s CR+LF and for Lynux it’s LF.

  • And the more important for me, to be able to send a Break to reset Mbed by Serial Monitor.
    Actualy i dont use Mbed Studio Serial Monitor because I couldn’t find out how to send a Break on it.

I hope that in the future the Mbed Studio Serial Monitor will be more usable for real communication testing and not just for debugging.

Thanks for reading me,

Hi @YSI,

Thank you. That is a very good feedback. Adding improvements to serial monitor is in our backlog of tasks to do. We will definitely take into account your feedback for it.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

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