Nucleo F401 flash download error "could not load file .axf"

It’s been 3 days trying to figure out this error , micro is updated with latest firmware ( ST-link). I tried earsing the flash memory through ST- Link utility software and installed the v5 compiler but nothing worked. The micro LD1-LD3 have been set to Red(not-blinking) while LD2 is off.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 101216
Screenshot 2024-02-07 101205
Screenshot 2024-02-07 101156

Screenshot 2024-02-07 101142 - Copy
Screenshot 2024-02-07 101142 - Copy

Hmm, is this Keil uVision IDE? I have never seen this program before. This forum is for Mbed issues so we can offer only pretty limited help for stuff other than Mbed and its dev tools.

More generally, are you able to connect and flash the device if you use STM32CubeProgrammer? If so, then it is most likely something set wrong in the IDE, somewhere.