STM32L476 Error: Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M4"

I use uvision 5.0v, and i need help with a problem with the nucleo L476, when I upload from online compiler directly, yes the program it work but when I export my program from online compiler to uvision and I try to upload the prograrm from uvision, i have this error:

Erase Failed!
Cannot access Memory
Error while accessing a target resource. Resource perhaps not available or a wrong access was attempted.
Error: Flash Download failed - “Cortex-M4”

I have updated the last version of libraries but it does not work, i dont know what to do, please, can anybody help me?

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Hi Alberto,

We think the problem is related to the “Flash Download” settings available from the Project Properties - Debug area. We noticed a corrupt Start and Size and when we manually set this to 0x2000_0000 and 0x2000 respectively we were able to program (see attachment below).

Under the Debug tab you might also need to lower the debug clock. At first the board wasn’t detected with the default 4MHz clock, so we changed this to 2MHz.

Hopefully that fixes the problem for you.

We’ll inform our tools team about the problem and thank you for reporting it.

Ralph, Team Mbed


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it works perfectly, thank you very much

Facing the same error thanks but not getting to add my stm32f446re nucleo board programming algorithm please guide.