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Yotta adding new target

(stephane savioz) #1

I have a target cloned from github.
The target does not appear when listing with “yotta target”

How to add a target via Yotta ?

(James Crosby) #2

To use a development version of a target cloned from github, or created yourself, you’ll need to use the link-target subcommand to link it into your build: here are a couple of useful guides from the yotta docs:


(stephane savioz) #3

I’ve tried that and the target is still not listed.

(James Crosby) #4

Once you’ve linked it, you can use yotta target <your target's name> to select it.

If you type yotta target it should then show up with a green arrow like this:

Which illustrates it has been successfully linked in to your application, and will be used when you yotta build.