Mbed Cloud or Mbed Connect 4G/LTE support

Does Mbed Cloud or Mbed Connect support devices with 4G/LTE communication ? LTE Cat-M1 or others

The MTS DragonFly supports LTE, and should work with Mbed Cloud. The DragonFly Nano will support LTE Cat-M1.

For NB-IoT look at the Quectel module, it’s not listed on the Mbed website, but partner enablement should be able to help you out.

Since Mbed OS 5.5 we provide the PPPCellularInterface, which should make it easy to port cellular modules to Mbed’s network interface (and thus straight to Mbed Cloud), with support for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Or, if you’re using an external module through AT commands, you can use ATCmdParser. As long as the module supports multiple sockets to be open at the same time you should be able to connect to Mbed Cloud.

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@janjongboom to connect is one thing (easy, works), but another thing is to maintain the data and power constraints. What confuses me in particular is how to handle telemetry sending efficiently. Looks like the proper way to do it is this:

  1. device registers
  2. cloud or application requests observation
  3. device sends data
  4. device disconnects and modem stays off for the next x minutes or hours

For one, the observation request seems unnecessary, adds traffic and is possibly error-prone. Is there a way for the device to send unsolicited messages or to start observation right on registration? I really like CoAP+UDP+DTLS and I also really like the straightforwardness of MQTT for telemetry. How do I combine them? :slight_smile:

Sorry, late reply, I did not see the notification…

You can send a notification whenever, no need to wait for an observation to happen. You can register with long registration expiration time, maintain the state (so you don’t have to re-register when waking up), and then whenever you wake up, send telemetry data and go back to sleep again. Easy.

You do want to enable caching on the resource (on the device). This tells the LwM2M server that the value will be good for X time. Whenever someone requests the value off the device, the LwM2M server will not send an observation request (which won’t work cause the device is sleeping) but return the latest value from cache.

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I purchased a ios device from https://babasupport.org/apple/iphone-error-4005/ and it is not supporting 4G LTE platform. Will any update of the software resolve the issue ???

Hello Matt.
This forum is mainly for Arm Mbed Cloud support cases.
You are more likely to find an answer in iPhone related forums.