MBED Studio cannot compile project - build configuration issue

First time using MBED Studio (Win10, Mbed Studio: 1.4.4): when trying to compile the Blinky application, I get this error message:

Failed to run program: Failed to read build profile: 'file:///c%3A/Users/Greg/Mbed%20Programs/mbed-os-example-blinky/mbed-os/tools/profiles/develop.json' has not been found.

What am I missing here?


please be so kind and check - Building any project fails, debug.json file missing - Mbed Studio - Arm Mbed OS support forum

BR, Jan

Thank you for the reply but I am still uncertain how to fix this issue. I have managed to compile the Blinky and other example firmware and upload them with the browser-based compiler. Why does Studio doesn’t let me compile the project? Why is the configuration .json missing and how can I fix the issue?

Hello Greg,

it looks like you’re struggling with that for long time

How I wrote in the old topic, the file is present directly in mbed-os/tools/profiles/ so should be downloaded together with MbedOS library. First, just for sure be so kind and check that directory if the file is there.

Try re-install MbedStudio - Installation Aborted on Win10 - Mbed Studio - Arm Mbed OS support forum

If I understand your setup, then you have DISCO_F407VG and Seed Arch Max as target selected in MbedStudio, right?

BR, Jan

Hi Greg,

Jan is correct. It seems that your project is incorrectly configured. mbed-os folder is most likely incomplete. To resolve this issue can I ask you few questions?

  1. Can you check if your mbed-os-example-blinky project contains mbed-os/tools folder?
  2. What steps have you used to import a project on your system?

My guess is that your project compiles in Online Compiler as it doesn’t require full mbed-os folder to be present. Build system used in Online Compiler uses its own copies of Mbed OS (based on mbed-os.lib file from the project). Mbed Studio on the other hand requires full mbed-os folder to be present in the project’s root folder.

Arek - Studio team